Welcome to the KSU-SPSU Consolidation Website!

This site will be your one source for information about the consolidation. We update the site regularly with information about the timeline, the work of the Consolidation Implementation Committee and the Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee, the operational working groups, and any other news that transpires about the consolidation.

As April begins, with all 81 KSU-SPSU Consolidation Operational Working Groups (OWGs) having had more than two months to initiate their work, the pace of the KSU-SPSU consolidation will accelerate as OWGs develop recommendations to submit to the Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee (ECIC), the Consolidation Implementation Committee (CIC), and other KSU and SPSU shared governance and related bodies.

As a reminder any feedback about the consolidation process or how to improve this website is greatly appreciated.

Please also remember that this site is a work in progress. Throughout the consolidation process, this site will be updated to reflect the latest news and developments from the working groups and the Implementation Committee.