Welcome to the KSU-SPSU Consolidation Website!

This site is your best source for information about the consolidation. The site is updated regularly with information about the timeline, the work of the Consolidation Implementation Committee (CIC) and the Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee (ECIC), the Operational Working Groups (OWGs), and other news about the consolidation.

As of October 1, 55 of the 81 OWGs have completed their work. As expected, either because of the sequential or long-term requirements of their work, the other OWGs are continuing their work.

Two of the most crucial elements of the consolidation process are the submission of the Consolidation Prospectus and the 2015-16 Consolidated Strategic Plan to the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC).

As reported in earlier Campus Updates, the expanded Accreditation Team and other faculty and staff worked over the summer to finalize both documents. In August and September, the Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee met several times to assess, modify, and approve the final version of the Prospectus and Strategic Plan. Both documents were submitted to SACSCOC on schedule on October 1. Both are also being posted on the KSU-SPSU Consolidation Website.

Thanks to Leigh Funk, Kevin Gwaltney, Jackie Jones, Susan Paraska, and Becky Rutherfoord, who did most of the work on the Consolidation Prospectus. Thanks also to Ed Rugg, who ably edited the Prospectus.

Thanks also to Hope Baker, Catherine Bush, Jacqueline Duncan, Joel Fowler, Leigh Funk, Bob Harbort, Sarah Holliday, Wendy Kallina, Susan Paraska, Sam Robinson, Becky Rutherfoord, Randy Stuart, and Jennifer Wells, all of whom played major roles in unifying the current individual SPSU and KSU strategic plans into a single 2015-16 Consolidated Strategic Plan.

The path forward from here is straightforward. SACSCOC will review the Consolidation Prospectus during October and November. If any concerns develop, SACSCOC will let us know. Assuming all goes well, SACSCOC will approve the consolidation at its December 2014 Nashville meeting, and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia will follow suit at its January 2015 meeting. At that time, KSU and SPSU will be officially consolidated as Kennesaw State University, but there will still be a considerable amount of work to do.

During Spring Semester 2015, the KSU Accreditation Team will continue to work on the Substantive Change Report, which must be filed with SACSCOC by Summer 2015. Throughout this period, the Accreditation Team will request considerable input from many offices on campus. Please provide the team any and all assistance that it requests.

After the Substantive Change Report is submitted, a SACSCOC team will review it. In early September 2015, the SACSCOC team will visit KSU to assess consolidation’s actual “on-the-ground” progress. The SACSCOC team will then file its report, and in December 2015 at the SACSCOC Houston meeting, the “New U” will receive final and complete approval.

We have come a long way in a short period of time, but we still have a considerable amount of work to do. Keep up the great work, everyone!