Committee Members

Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee Membership
(As of January 21, 2014)

To assure broader and more inclusive representation as decisions are made about the consolidated university’s vision and mission statement, overall university structure, and academic college and department structure, the Consolidation Implementation Committee (CIC) has been expanded exclusively for these purposes from 28 members to 47 members.

The Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee was formed by adding twelve faculty members representing the academic schools at SPSU and the seven degree-granting colleges at KSU. The respective Faculty Senates at both universities handled the selection process.

In addition, two academic deans were added, one from each university, as well as two department chairs, again one from each university. A representative of SPSU’s Staff Council was also added, as were representatives from KSU’s Staff Senate and Administrative Senate. The Expanded CIC is holding meetings to work on the important questions of vision and mission, overall university structure, and academic college and department structure.

Click here to view the Expanded CIC meeting schedule, meeting notes and handouts.

The members of the Consolidation Implementation Committee are:


Dr. Dan Papp. President, Kennesaw State University
Dr. Ron Koger, Interim President, Southern Polytechnic State University

SPSU Members

Dr. Tom Ball, Department Chari, Industrial Engineering Technology
Ms. Jill Brady, Registrar, Office of Student and Enrollment Services
Dr. Renee Butler, Chair and Professor, Department of Systems and Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Sam Conn, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Mr. Jim Cooper, Assistant Vice President, Office of University Communications
Dr. Tom Currin, Dean, School of Engineering
Dr. Ameen Farooq, Professor, School of Architecture and Construction Management
Dr. Joel Fowler, Associate Professor, School of Arts and Sciences
Mr. Matt Griffin, Director of Athletics
Dr. Bob Harbort, Professor, School of Computer and Software Engineering
Mr. Alex Harrington, President, Student Government Association
Ms. Kasey Helton, Director, Office of Campus Services
Dr. Sung-Hee (Sonny) Kim, Associate Professor, School of Engineering
Ms. Quint Hill, Associate Director, Office of Human Resources
Ms. Ann Lay, Chair, Staff Council and Secretary to the Dean, Engineering Technology & Management
Dr. Wendy Kallina, Executive Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
Ms. Alana Kyriakakis, University Counsel
Dr. Julie Newell, Chair and Professor, Department of Social and International Studies
Dr. Jon Preston, Coordinator, Computer Game Design & Development & Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Scott Tippens, Professor, School of Engineering Technology and Management
Ms. Robin Wade, Director, Office of Budgets and Grants

KSU Members

Ms. Terry Arnold, Manager, Planning and Strategic Initiatives, Office of External Affairs
Dr. Stephanie Foote, Associate Professor, University College
Mr. Jeff Cooper, President, Administrators Senate and Director, University Housing & Res Life
Dr. Flora Devine, University General Counsel & Special Assistant to the President for Legal Affairs
Dr. Chris Dockery, Associate Professor, College of Science and Mathematics
Dr. Robin Dorff, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Kathryn Epps, Director & Assoc. Professor, School of Accountancy, Coles College of Business
Ms. Dawn Gamadanis, Director, Office of Budget and Planning
Dr. Ken Harmon, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Mike Harders, Vice President for Development and Advancement
Dr. Tim Hedeen, Professor, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Ms. Carole Hill, President-elect, Staff Senate and Admin. Specialist, Office of Student Conduct
Dr. Randy Hinds, Vice President for Operations, CIO, & CFO
Mr. Eric Johnson, President, Student Government Association
Dr. Jackie Jones, Associate Professor, WellStar College of Nursing
Dr. Maureen McCarthy, Faculty Executive Assistant to the President and Professor, Psychology
Dr. Mark Mitchell, Chair, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. April Munson, Assistant Professsor, College of the Arts
Dr. Michael Sanseviro, Dean of Students
Mr. Randy Shelton, Executive Director, Auxiliary Programs and Services
Ms. Randy Stuart, Associate Professor, Coles College of Business
Mr. Kim West, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
Mr. Vaughn Williams, Director of Athletics
Dr. Jim Wright, Assistant Professor, Bagwell College of Education