Consolidation Process Overview


The Board of Regents (BOR) has identified over 700 specific responsibilities that must be handled in the consolidation process. SPSU and KSU faculty and staff are identifying additional specific responsibilities.

These 700+ items have been assigned to 81 Operational Working Groups (OWGs). Each has a KSU and a SPSU Co-chair. Some Co-chairs chair more than one OWG.

The 81 OWGs are organized into 22 areas. Each is headed by an Area Coordinator who sits on the 28 person Consolidation Implementation Committee (CIC). Some Area Coordinators coordinate more than one area.

The OWGs will formulate consolidation plans and recommendations. The OWG co-chairs will forward their plans and recommendations to the Area Coordinators, who will review the plans and recommendations to assure consistency with the plans and recommendations of other OWGs within their area.

The Area Coordinators will forward OWG plans and recommendations to the CIC, which will approve the plans and recommendations over which it has authority. Some plans and recommendations require BOR approval, and will be forwarded to the BOR for approval. In cases where disagreement exists at the CIC level, the new university’s president, Dan Papp, will make the final decision.

The CIC has been expanded to 47 members for the purpose of moving rapidly forward with three high-priority items identified by the BOR about which decisions must be made in the early weeks of consolidation. These three items are: 1) the vision and mission statements; 2) the overall university structure; and 3) the academic college and department structure. These three items must be approved either by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia or Chancellor Huckaby.

As plans and recommendations of the 81 OWGs are approved, the SACSCOC Prospectus Development Team will develop the Consolidation Prospectus for submission to SACSCOC by October 1 for final review by SACSCOC in December 2014. Assuming SACSCOC approval, the BOR will give its final approval for consolidation in January 2015, with complete consolidation to occur in August 2015.

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