OWG Leadership and Responsibilities

(Responsibilitiearin Italics)


This document lists:

·         the 81 Operational Work Groups (OWG) where most of the work of consolidation will be accomplished, as well as the two co-chairs for each OWG, one each from SPSU and KSU;

·         the 22 functional areas into which the 81 OWGs are divided, as well as the functional area coordinators, each of whom are members of the Consolidation Implementation Committee;

·         the points of contact in the University System of Georgia’s Central Office (USO) for the functional area coordinators; and

·         the division of the over 700 responsibilities identified on the USG’s Consolidation Tracker, to which more will undoubtedly be added by the OWGs as they pursue their work.


A.    Overall University Structure- Coordinators: Dan Papp and Lisa Rossbacher, Presidents; USO Contacts: Shelley Nickel (Shelley.Nickel@usg.edu) and Houston Davis (Houston.Davis@usg.edu)


1.    Overall Structure-Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee

                 Determine Campus-Wide Functional Units

2. College Structure-Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee

Determine College Structure and Address Department Locations

3. Vision and Mission-Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee

Develop New Vision and Mission Statements


B.     Academic Degrees and Programs- Coordinator: Ken Harmon,KSU Provost/VPAA;

USO Contacts: Linda Noble (Linda.Noble@usg.edu) & Teresa Joyce (Teresa.Joyce@usg.edu)


4. Business

KSU Cochair – Kat Schwaig, Dean, Coles College of Business         

SPSU Cochair – Ronny Richardson, Professor & Chair, Business Administration

Address Program and CurriculumDifferences



5. Computing and Software Engineering

KSU Cochair – Ken Hoganson, Interim Chair, Dept. of Computer Science

SPSU Cochair – Han Reichgelt, Dean, Computing & Software Engineering

Address Program and Curriculum Differences

Streamline Program Offerings

Combine Curriculums

6. Education

KSU Cochair  - Arlinda Eaton, Bagwell Dean College of Education

SPSU Cochair – Alan Gabrielli, Co-director SPSU Teach/Teacher Education

Address Program and Curriculum Differences

Streamline Program Offerings

Combine Curriculums


7. Humanities and Social Sciences

KSU Cochair – Robin Dorff, Dean,College of Humanities and SocialSciences

SPSU Cochair – Mark Nunes, Professor of English & Media Studies and Chair, English,Technical Communication, &Media Arts

Address Program and Curriculum Differences

Streamline Program Offerings

Combine Curriculums

8. Math

KSU Cochair-MarkAnderson, Dean, College of Science and Math

SPSU Cochair – Andrew McMorran, Associate Professor and Chair, Mathematics

Address Program and Curriculum Differences

Streamline Program Offerings

Combine Curriculums

9. Sciences

KSU Cochair – Mark Anderson, Dean, College of Science and Math

SPSU Cochair-Tom Nelson, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Address Program and Curriculum Differences

Streamline Program Offerings

Combine Curriculums

                        10. Inventory of Programs, Authorized Degrees, Delivery Modes, Assessment etc.

KSU Cochair – Val Whittlesey, Associate VP, Academic Affairs

SPSU Cochair – Jill Brady, Registrar

Develop Common Assessment Instruments and Cycles

Develop Institutional Curriculum Approval Processes

Develop a Uniform Course/Instructor Evaluation Instrument

Determine Syllabi Requirements

Coordinate with Program-Based Accreditation Entities

Review Student Surveys & Revise Admin Processes

11. General Education and Core Curriculum

KSU Co-Chair- Val Whittlesey, Associate VP, Academic Affairs

SPSU Cochair-Tom Nelson, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Combine Curriculums

Create Common Student Learning Outcomes for GenEd and AreaF

Develop Common Area B Requirements

Submit Any Changes to USG Councilon General Education

Determine any Non-Core Requirements (Health, Phys.Ed., etc.)


C.    Related Non-Degree Academic Responsibilities - Coordinator: Julie Newell, Chair, SPSU Department of Social and International Studies; USO Contact(s): Linda Noble (Linda.Noble@usg.edu), Joyce Jones (Joyce.Jones@usg.edu) & Houston Davis (Houston.Davis@usg.edu)


12. Advising, Mentoring, and Tutoring

KSU Cochair- Ralph Rascati, Associate VP for Advising, Retention, and Graduation Initiatives, and Dean,Honors College

SPSU Cochair-Julie Newell, Chair, Social & International Studies

Develop Common Advising Processes and Procedures

Ensure Academic Tutoring Services are Provided on BothCampuses

13. ContinuingEducation

KSU Cochair- Barbara Calhoun, Dean,College of Continuing & Prof. Education

SPSU Cochair- Russ Hunt, Dean of the Extended University

Address Continuing Education Functions

14. First Year Programs

KSU Cochair- Keisha Hoerrner, Interim Dean, University College

SPSU Cochair- Sarah Holliday, First-Year Experience & Asst.Prof., Mathematics

Consolidate First Year Programs into One Admin. & Operating Structure

15. Honors Programs

KSU Cochair- Ralph Rascati, Associate VP for Advising, Retention, and Graduation Initiatives; and Dean, Honors

SPSU Cochair- Iraj Omidvar, Director of theUniversity Honors Program and Associate Professor, English, Tech.Communication, &  Media Arts Consolidate Honors Programs into One Admin. & Operational Structure

16. InternationalPrograms

KSU Cochair- Lance Askildson, Chief International Officer and Executive Director, Institute for Global Initiatives

SPSUCochair-Tom Nelson, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Consolidate Intl. Programs into One Admin.& Operational Structure

17. Library

KSU Cochair- Dave Evans, Dean and Assistant VP, Library Services

SPSU Cochair- Nancy Colyar, Directorof theLibrary

Merge Library Operations and Staffing

Revise Library and Learning Resources Section for SACSCOC Prospectus

Review, Reconcile,and Revise Library Policies

Submit Updated Job Descriptions for Classified Positions to HR Review, Reconcile, and Revise Library Goals and Develop Joint Goals

Ensure Library System sand Client Interfaces area Priority in IT Pipeline

Choose Best Option to Sustain & Garner Funds for Scholarly Commons

Complete Changes Associated with Specialty Depts. PrintMedia, e-Resources

Review, Revise, and Consolidate Library Websites

Keep Planning to Consolidate Printand e-Resources

Negotiate with Vendors

18. Retention, Progression, and Graduation(RPG)

KSU Cochair- Ralph Rascati, Associate VP for Advising, Retention, and Graduation Initiatives; and Dean, Honors College

SPSU Cochair- Zvi Szafran,Vice President for AcademicAffairs

Develop Joint Complete College Georgia Submission

Address Textbook Policiesacross Campus

Revise Orientation Programs to be Appropriate for New University

19. Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness

KSU Cochair- Leigh Funk, Special Assistant to the President for Accreditation

SPSU Cochair-Wendy Kallina, Executive Director for InstitutionalResearch

Develop Assessment Methods to be Used after Consolidation is Finalized



D.    FacultyAffairs- Coordinator: Ken Harmon, KSU Provost/VPAA; USO Contacts: Linda Noble (Linda.Noble@usg.edu), Marion Fedrick (Marion.Fedrick@usg.edu& Kimberly Ballard-Washington (Kimberly.Ballard-Washington@usg.edu)


20. Faculty Credentials, Rosters, Workloads, Pay

KSU Cochair – Ron Matson, Associate VP for FacultyAffairs

SPSU Cochair – Zvi Szafran,Vice President for Academic Affairs

Determine Processes and Procedures for Hiring Full and Part-time Faculty

Determine Need for Salary Adjustments

Merge Current Faculty Rosters

Transfer Faculty Files to One Location (near Consolidation Date)

Develop a Common Faculty Evaluation Process

Combine New Faculty Orientations and Fall Faculty Conferences

Determine Consolidation Impact on Faculty and Faculty Workloads

Update Faculty Contracts

Combine Faculty Grievance Processes

Establish Process and Procedures forDetermining Faculty Seniority

Determine Faculty Membership on Regents Academic Advisory Committees

21. Faculty Honors andAwards

KSU Cochair – Maureen McCarthy, Faculty Executive Assistant to the President

SPSU Cochair – Zvi Szafran, Vice President for AcademicAffairs

Consolidate Faculty Honors and Awards Programs into a Single Program

22. Promotion,Tenure,and Faculty Development

KSU Cochair – Ron Matson, AssociateVP for FacultyAffairs

SPSU Cochair – Zvi Szafran, Vice President for AcademicAffairs

Combine Promotion and Tenure Policies and Procedures

Address Faculty Development Opportunities and Requirements

23. Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity, Grants, and Sponsored Operations

KSU Cochair – Charlie Amlaner, VP for Research & Dean of the GraduateCollege

SPSU Cochair – Renee Butler, Chair,Dept.of Systems & Mechanical Engineering

Remain Aware of and Track Intellectual Property

Address Consolidation of and Requirements for Centers and Institutes

24. Technology Enhanced Education and Testing Center

KSU Cochair – Elke Leeds , AssistantVP of Technology Enhance Learning and Executive Director,Distance Learning Center

SPSU Cochair- Rich Cole, Dean, School of Architecture & Construction Management

Combine Online Course and Program Offerings

Consolidate Testing Center

Identify Core Role


E.     StudentEnrollment- Coordinator: Kim West,KSU AssociateVP for Enrollment Services; USO Contacts: Joyce Jones (Joyce.Jones@usg.edu& Curt Carver (cac@usg.edu)


25. Undergraduate Admissions, Transfer, and Transient Policies

KSU Cochair – Kim West, Associate VP for Enrollment Services

SPSU Cochair – Ron Koger,VP for Student & Enrollment Services

Combine Articulation Agreements with TCSG, USG and Other Institutions

Protectand Preserve“Adopt-a-School” Relationships

Determine SAT/ACT Requirements

Develop Common Transfer,Transient,and Other Policies

26. Graduate Admissions

KSU Cochair- Charlie Amlaner, VP for Research & Graduate College Dean

SPSU Cochair- Nikki Palamiotis, Director of Graduate Studies (Admissions)

Establish criteria and procedures for graduate admissions and graduation

27.  Financial Aid

KSU Cochair- Ron Day, Director, Office of  Financial Aid

SPSU Cochair- Gary Mann ,Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Consolidate Financial Aid Functions and Coordinate with U.S. DOE

Begin Preparing the eAPP

Make decision on Perkins Portfolio Liquidation or Adoption

Reconcile Financial Aid ASAP

Coordinate Funding Streams and ScholarshipFunding

Coordinate with Homeland Security

Coordinate with Veterans Services

Coordinate with Vocational Rehabilitation

28. Recruitment

KSU Cochair-Susan Blake, Associate Dean for Enrollment Services and Executive Director, University Admissions

SPSU Cochair-Gary Bush, Director of Admission and Recruitment

Integrate Recruiting Practices and Materials

29. CalendarandSchedule

KSU Cochair- Kim West, Associate VP for EnrollmentServices

SPSU Cochair-Jill Brady, Registrar

Review and Revise Faculty/Staff Surveys, and Determine Schedules

Create Common Holiday Calendar

Create a Common AcademicCalendar

Develop Common Class Schedule

Ensure a Unified Course Scheduleis Prepared by Upcoming Semester

Consolidate Admissions, Registrations, and Graduation Policies & Procedures

Determine Grade Reporting Processes

Address Student Records Policies and Procedures

Develop Transcript Specifications

Consolidate FERPA Training

Address Security Issues-Records

30. Ceremonies

KSU Cochair- Maureen Patton, Director of University Events

SPSU Cochair- Jill Brady, Registrar

Determine Location and Frequency of Graduation Ceremonies

Combine Honors Day Activities

31. Preparation of Merged Catalogues

KSU Cochair- Chris Ziegler, Professor of Psychology

SPSU Cochair- Jill Brady, Registrar

Merge Catalogues



F.     Advancement, Development, and AlumniAffairs- Coordinator: Mike Harders, KSU VP for Advancement and Development; USO Contacts: Tom Daniel (Tom.Daniel@usg.edu& Kimberly Ballard-Washington (Kimberly.Ballard-Washington@usg.edu)


32. Alumni Affairs

KSU Cochair- Caryn Young, Interim Director, Alumni Affairs

SPSU Cochair- Pierrette Maillet, Associate Director, Alumni Relations

Merge or Retain Separate Alumni Associations

33. Advancement Services, including Donor  Relations

KSU Cochair-Ann Key, Directorof Advancement Services

SPSU Cochair- Kit Trensch, Directorof Development

Consolidate Advancement Services and Donor Relations

34. Fund-Raising

KSU Cochair- Melisa Baldwin, Executive Director of Development

SPSU Cochair- Ron Dempsey,VP for University Advancement

ConsolidateFund-Raising Efforts


G.    Athletics- Coordinator:Vaughn Williams, KSU Director of Athletics; USO Contact: Houston Davis (Houston.Davis@usg.edu) & Athletic Review Committee


35. Sports, Scheduling, and Scholarships

KSU Cochair- Vaughn Williams, Director of Athletics

SPSU Cochair-Matt Griffin, Director of Athletics

Combine Athletic Programs


H.    Diversity & InclusionPrograms/Activities- Coordinator: Alana Kyriakakis, SPSU Univ. Counsel; USO Contacts: Teresa Joyce (Teresa.Joyce@usg.edu& Felita Williams (Felita.Williams@usg.edu)


36. Programs and Activities

KSU Cochair- Erik Malewski, Chief Diversity Officer

SPSU Cochair-Jill Forest, Associate Director, Career & Counseling Center

Consolidate Diversity and Inclusion Programs and Activities


I. Economic Development and Community Relations- Coordinator: Jim Cooper , SPSU AssistantVP of University Communications; USO Contacts: Tom Daniel (Tom.Daniel@usg.edu), Mark Lytle (Mark.Lytle@usg.edu), Amanda Seals (/Amanda.Seals@usg.edu) & John Millsaps III (John.Millsaps@usg.edu)


37. Government and Community Relations

KSU Cochair- Nathan Humphrey, Exec. Director, Govt. & Community Affairs

SPSU Cochair- Ron Dempsey,VP for University Advancement

Develop and MaintainLegislative Relation ships and Support

38. Community Engagement

KSU Cochair- Brian Wooten, Exec. Director, Community Engagement

SPSU Cochair-Jon Preston, Professor, Computer Science

Identify Community Engagement Undertakings at Both Institutions

Integrate Institutional Community Engagement Efforts

Develop Structure to Maximize and Publicize Community Engagement

39. Economic Development

KSU Cochair- Mike Salvador, Director of Executive Education Programs

SPSU Cochair- Ron Dempsey,VP for UniversityAdvancement

Align Institutional Economic Development Efforts with USG Efforts

Identify Institutional Capabilities Most Likely to Aid EconomicDevelopment

Develop Structure to Maximize “Marriage Making” Capabilities


J. Media and Marketing- Coordinator: Jim Cooper, SPSU Assistant VP of University Communications; USO Contact: John Millsaps III (John.Millsaps@usg.edu)


40. Marketing

KSU Cochair- Arlethia Perry-Johnson, VP for External Affairs

SPSU Cochair-Jim Cooper, Assistant VP of University Communications

Develop Rebranding Initiatives and Revised College Seal

Create Integrated Public Relations Plan

41. Media Relations-

KSU Cochair- Arlethia Perry-Johnson,VP for External Affairs

SPSU Cochair- Diane Payne,Associate Director of Public Relations

Coordinate Communications on Consolidation Announcements Coordinate Communications to Announce Regents’ Actions Coordinate and Review News Releases on Consolidation

Create Communications Plan to get messaging out internally and externally

Conduct monthly meetings with all PR personnel to assess communications

Combine Speakers Bureaus List

42. Publications and Collaterals-

KSU Cochair-David Arnold, Assistant VP, Communications & Marketing

SPSU Cochair- Laina Pond, Coordinator of Marketing

Print Campus Maps and Promotional Materials

43. Social Media

KSU Cochair- David Arnold, AssistantVP, Communications & Marketing

SPSU Cochair- Laina Pond, Coordinator of  Marketing

Consolidate and Invigorate Social Media Presence and Impact

44. University Website

KSU Cochair-Chris Ward, Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems & Services

SPSU Cochair- Stephanie Coleman, Director of Web Services

Create a new Website, Photo, and President’s

Letter Finalize Creation of Joint Website


K. Researchand ServiceFoundations- Coordinator: Ken Harmon, KSU Provost/VPAA; USO Contact: Kimberly Ballard-Washington (Kimberly.Ballard-Washington@usg.edu)


45. Research and Service Foundations Operations and Integration

KSU Cochair- Charlie Amlaner, VP for Research & Graduate College Dean

SPSU Cochair- Russ Hunt, Dean of  the Extended University

Mergeor Retain Separate Foundations


L.University Foundations- Coordinators: Dan Papp and Lisa Rossbacher, Presidents; USO Contacts: Kimberly Ballard-Washington (Kimberly.Ballard-Washington@usg.edu), Susan Ridley (Susan.Ridley@usg.edu) & Sandra Neuse (Sandra.Neuse@usg.edu)


46. University Foundations Operations and Integration

KSU Cochair- DanPapp, President

SPSU Cochair- Lisa Rossbacher, President
Merge or Retain Separate Foundations
Address Endowment Restrictions

Identify Cost/Funding Sources for Changes Foundation Must Make on PPVs

Consider Responsibility of 5 Year Facilities Condition Assessments

Consider Essentiality of Each PPV Project

Analyze of PPV Insurance Coverage to Insure Adequate Continuous Coverage

Consider Opportunities for Economy of Scale on PPV Projects

Consider Refinancing to Lower Cost to Students

Discern any Change to Foundation Impact on Existing PPVs or Financing

Discern any Impact on Foundation Bylaws


M. Legal Affairs Issues- Coordinator: Flora Devine,KSU General Counsel and Special Assistant to the President for LegalAffairs; USO Contacts: Burns Newsome (Burns.Newsome@usg.edu) and Kimberly Ballard-Washington (Kimberly.Ballard-Washingtoni@usg.edu)


47. Division of Responsibilities

KSU Cochair- Flora Devine, Gen. Counsel & Special Asst. to Pres. for LegalAffairs

SPSU Cochair- Alana Kyriakakis, UniversityCounsel

Merge Statutes/Bylaws

Review and Revise Institutional MOUs

Transition Legal Agreements

Identify all Reporting Requirements and Develop Plan to Ensure Compliance

Review Outstanding Contractual Obligations with Vendors and Others

Review Levels of Authority Granted to Senior Administrators

Get Info to Federal Agencies & Others re Cooperative Organizations, MOUs

48. University Policy Mergers and Handbooks

KSU Cochair- Andrew Newton, Associate Legal Counsel

SPSU Cochair- Alana Kyriakakis, University Counsel

Merge University Handbooks

49. Faculty and Staff Policy Mergers and Handbooks

KSU Cochair -Nwakaego Nkumeh, Assistant Legal Counsel

SPSU Cochair- Joel Fowler Associate Professor, Mathematics and former Moderator of the Faculty

Merge Faculty Handbooks

Merge Staff Handbooks

50. Student Policy Mergers and Handbooks

KSU Cochair- Diane Walker,Director of Student Conduct/Academic Integrity

SPSU Cochair- Ron Lunk, Director of Student Life

Merge Student  Handbooks



N. Auxiliary Services- Coordinator: Randy Hinds, KSU VP for Operations; USO Contacts: Joyce Jones (Joyce.Jones@usg.edu) & Vikki Williamson (Vikki.Williamson@usg.edu)


51. General Auxiliary Services

KSU Cochair- Randy Shelton, Exec. Director, Auxiliary Services & Programs

SPSU Cochair- Kasey Helton, Director of Campus Services

Address Bookstore Inventories

Determine Bookstore Policies

Transfer Bookstore Inventory to One Campus

Consider Child Care Facility

Integrate Copy Centers

Develop Shuttle/Parking Program

Integrate Campus Card/Badging

Integrate Food Services

52. Health

KSU Cochair- Randy Shelton, Exec. Director, Auxiliary Services & Programs

SPSU Cochair- Karl Staber, Director of Recreational Sports

Combine Health Centers and Services

Determine Requirements to Participate in Student Health Insurance Program


O.Businessand Finance- Coordinator: Randy Hinds,KSU VP for Operations; USO Contacts: John Brown (John.Brown@usg.edu), Vikki Williamson (Vikki.Williamson@usg.edu), Julie Harris (jharris@ssc.usg.edu) & Becky Prince (bprince@ssc.usg.edu)


53. Budget and Fiscal Affairs

KSU Cochair- Dawn Gamadanis, Director, Office of  Budget and Planning

SPSU Cochair- Robin Wade, Director, Budge & Grants

Transfer Assets

Transfer Bank Accounts

Send Noticeto MSR Band Others as Required for PPVs

Coordinate with Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts

Address DOAA Issues

Address FDMRs, full audits, consolidated reports,etc;

Settimeframes re SAO

Address State CAFR,reporting for SEFA, TIGA, CAP, et.al Address Bank Accounts and Other Banking Matters

Integrate Federal Items

Coordinate with IRS, Grants, Foundations, DUNS, FEI,etc. Coordinate with Georgia Department of Revenue

Coordinate with Ratingand Lending Agencies

Address Insurance & Benefits Vendors (Communications & Standardization)

Address Budget Preparation Process (PeopleSoft)

Determine whether a common or separate database will be used(PeopleSoft)

Consolidate iStrategy Systems(PeopleSoft)

Address Allocations

Determine Authorized Signatures

Create New Checks

Address Investment Accounts


54. Business Operations and Contracts

KSU Cochair- Laura McMillan, Director, Procurement and Contracting

SPSU Cochair- Michael Foxman, InterimVP for Business & Finance

Standardize Business Procedures and Processes Develop Accounting Processes and Procedures Merge Financial Systems (PeopleSoft)

DOAS: Address Insurance and Purchasing

Set Business Unit Number (Create New One? Keep Old One?) (PeopleSoft)

Determine Changes to Delivered Reports (PeopleSoft)

Insure Integrity of Financial Information (PeopleSoft) Determine Changes toPeopleSoft Trees(PeopleSoft)

Address Non-Standard Chart fields (Dept.,Account,Project,etc.)(PeopleSoft) Address detail codes-Student Registration System(BANNER)

Address Data Feeds into Consolidated Financial System (BANNER)

Determine Use of ADP by Consolidated University

Address Issues Related to Historical & New Access and Retention (PeopleSoft)

AddressCredit Card and Merchant Accounts

Determine Enrollment Projections Impact on PPV Pro Formas

55. Procurement

KSU Cochair-Laura McMillan, Director, Procurement and Contracting

SPSU Cochair-Robert Forbes, Director of Material Management 

     Integrate all Procurment Policies, Procedures, and Activities

     Merge Purchasing Process and Procedures

     Address Purchase Orders- Existing, New, and Encumbrances (PeopleSoft)

     Address VendorCodes (PeopleSoft)

     Address State Approvalsfor RFPs- Purchasing Issue

     Merge Common Purchasing Systems

56. Tuition and Fees

KSU Cochair- MontyAllen, Controller

SPSU Cochair- Michael Foxman, Interim VP for Business & Finance

Determine Appropriate Tuition Structure

Determine Appropriate Fee Structure

Determine Fee Structure Regarding Transfer Students and PPVs

P. Facilities and Physical Plant- Coordinator: Randy Hinds, KSU VP for Operations; USO Contact: Jim James (Jim.James@usg.edu)


57. Campus Master Planning

KSU Cochair- John Anderson, AssistantVP for Facilities and Planning

SPSU Cochair- Steve Kitchen, Senior Director for Facilities Management

Review and Evaluate Current Campus Master Plans

Address Satellite Campus Issues

58. Physical Plant John Anderson, AssistantVP for FacilitiesandPlanning

KSU Cochair-John Anderson, AssistantVP for Facilities and Planning

SPSU Cochair-Steve Kitchen,Senior Director for Facilities Management

Initiate Building Inventory Validation

Merge and  Review SpaceInventories

Make Changes to Existing Bonds/Warranties

Identify Responsibilities for GO Bonds Asset Tracking and RecordsRetention

Work with GSFIC on Changes to Necessary Documentation (Letters) Revise Active Contracts once Consolidation is Completed

Consider Cross Training for Smooth Transition & Higher Delegated Authority

Identify Restrictions on RealPropertyDeeds

Identify any Reversionary Language in Property Deeds Understand What Real Property Campuses Own Address Use Restrictions in Rental Agreements

Identify Restrictions on Donations for Naming

Considerand Implement Consolidation of Rental Space

Understand What Real Property Foundations Own

Consolidate & Restructure Maintenance Depts, including Salary & Reporting

Identify and Reconcile Differencesin Handling M&O

Develop Naming Protocols for Buildings

Change Signs on and off Campuses

Address all Out-Sourced Services, and MakeThemCoincide

Address Shipping & Receiving, including Inter-Campus Mail Courier Service

Consolidate Preventive Maintenance Plans,including for PPVs

Identify Functional Duplication between Campuses (Supervisors,Tech.,etc.)

Re-implement Mgmt. Systems:M&O Billing/Accounting, Tracking, etc.)

Reconcile Differences in How Depts. Handle M&O of PPV/GHEFA Space

Reassess Outsourced Functions for PPV/GHEFA (Mech., Elec. ,Fire,etc.)

Reconcile Replacement Reserves Accounts for PPV Capital Improvements

Address Maintenance Contracts for Plant Equipment, HVAC,Trash, etc.

Consolidate Preventive Maintenance Programs

Determine if 8038 Filings Need to Be Amended for PPVs

Understand How Debt Ratios get Calculated

Determine if Institutions Accept Pre-Funding Commitments to Begin Projects

Provide Required Noticeon All PPVs to EMMA and Others


Q.HumanResources- Coordinator: Quint Hill, SPSU Associate Director of Human Resources; USO Contact: Marion Fedrick (Marion.Fedrick@usg.edu)


59. HR, including Position Descriptions and Salary Bands

KSU Cochair- Rod Bossert, Assistant VP for Human Resources

SPSU Cochair- Charles Azebeokhai, Director of  Human Resources

Establish Process and Procedures for Hiring and RIFs

Combine Org Charts

Create new position descriptions

Establish workweek schedule for12 month faculty and staff

Determine Need for Salary Adjustments

EnsureEffective Implementation of Controls(Flowcharts,SegregatedDuties)

Consolidate all IDs: Employee, Student, Parking,etc.

Establish Process and Procedures for Determining Staff Seniority


R. InformationTechnology- Coordinator: Sam Conn,Vice President of  Information Technology and Chief  Information Officer; USO Contacts: Curt Carver, Jr. (cac@usg.edu), Jim James (Jim.James@usg.edu), Becky Prince (bprince@ssc.usg.edu), Julie Harris (jharris@ssc.usg.edu) & Vikki Williamson (Vikki.Williamson@usg.edu)






60. IT: Back-End Systems (Networking, Wireless, Telecom, Hardware, Servers, etc.)

     KSU Cochair- Wayne Dennison, Director, Enterprise Systems and Services

     SPSU Cochair- Jim Herbert, Director of InformationTechnology

61. IT: Business Services (Financial and Personnel Systems)

KSU Cochair-Wayne Dennison, Director, Enterprise Systems and Services

SPSU Cochair- Chris Markham, Director of  Business Technologies

62. IT: General Support (Website, Drupal, File Services, Training, Service Desk,etc.)

     KSU Cochair- Lec Lawhorne, Exec. Director, Information Technology Service

     SPSU Cochair- Dave Parham, Director of Technical Support

63. IT:ResearchComputing

KSU Cochair- Gary Lewis, Director of Advanced Computing Services

SPSU Cochair-Chris Markham, Director of Business Technologies

64. IT:Student/Faculty Services(Authentication,E-Mail,Banner,D2L,AV,etc.)

KSU Cochair-Lec Lawhorne, Exec. Director, Information Technology Service

SPSU Cochair-Dave Parham, Directorof Technical Support


S. Risk,Audits,Safety,and Security- Coordinator: Alana Kyriakakis , SPSU UniversityCounsel; USO Contacts: John Fuchko III (John.Fuchko@usg.edu), Sandra Neuse (Sandra.Neuse@usg.edu) & Bruce Holmes (Bruce.Holmes@usg.edu)


65. Public Safety and Security

KSU Cochair-Roger Lee Stearns, Chief of Police

SPSU Cochair-John Bauer, Chief of Police

Consolidate Campus Security and Police Policy/Procedure Manual

Contact DOE to Address Clery Act ReportingRequirements

Coordinate Meeting with All Chiefs to Discuss Best Practices

Discuss Public Safety Responsibilities & Authorities for Combined Operations

Identify new FTE Requirements for Dispatch, Patrol,and Investigation

Make Decisions on Campus Police Management Structures

Plan Transition Training and Workshops to Assist Key Supervisors

Integrate Vehicle Fleet

Consolidate Campus Safety Plans and Train Where Required

  Coordinate with DOAS to Revise Compensation Claims Goals

Coordinate with POST Agency Name Changes and/or Close Outs

Identify Radio & Phone Communications Operations for GCIC/NCIC Access

Review Mutual Aid Agreements with President; Present to BOR for Approval

66. Emergency Planning and Communication

KSU Cochair- Bob Lang, Assistant VP for Strategic Safety and Security

SPSU Cochair- John Bauer,Chief of Police

Combine Emergency/Behavioral Response Teams and Notification Systems

Review Existing Mass Communication Systemsand Contracts

Maintain Existing Emergency Operations,and Put New Plans in Place


67. Risk Management, Audits, and Occupational Safety/Compliance

KSU Cochair-Kathryn Epps, Director, School of Accountancy

SPSU Cochair-Michael Foxman, InterimVP for Business & Finance

Ensure Adequate Internal Audit Coverage

Evaluate Open Audit Issues for Completion

Consolidate Risk Management Operations

Notify Institutions about Consolidated Ethics Hotline

Determine a new Hotline URL

Determine costs of consolidating hotline and how to budget it

Determine conversion process for existing hotline complaints, triage, etc.

Select which hotline telephone number to use

Identify a hotline administrator

Select individuals to makeup triage committee and who receives case reports

Select escalation contacts to be called incase of critical report

Update user names and contact info on hotline portal

Create new hotline awareness materials

Develop timeline for distribution of new awareness material

Convert old hotline cases to new hotline vendor

Decide Mgmt. and Reporting Structure for EHS, including Points of Contact

Identify Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety Issues

Address & Consolidate Service/Consulting Contracts (Waste,Lab Hoods, etc.)

Amend USG/EPA Self-Audit Agreement with Consolidation Changes

Identify Environmental Mgmt. System Requirements for Multiple Campuses

Integrate Environmental & Occupational Safety Policies, Plans, etc.


T.SharedGovernance- Coordinator: Maureen McCarthy, KSU FacultyExec.Assistant to the President; USO Contacts: Linda Noble (Linda.Noble@usg.edu) & Marion Fedrick (Marion.Fedrick@usg.edu)


68. AdministratorsGovernance

KSU Cochair- Jeff Cooper, President of Administrators Senate and Director University Housing & Residence Life

SPSU Cochair- Ron Koger,VP for Student & Enrollment Services

Determine Structure

Determine Membership on Regents Administrative Advisory Committees

Hold Elections

69. FacultyGovernance

KSU Cochair- Ken White, President of the Faculty Senate and Asst.Professor

SPSU Cochair- Meighan Dillon, Moderator of the Faculty and Professor,Mathematics

Determine Structure

Determine Membership on Regents Administrative Advisory Committees

Hold Elections

70. StaffGovernance-

KSU Cochair-Carole Hill, President- Elect of the Staff Senate and Admin.

Specialist, Office of Student Conduct

SPSU Cochair-Ann Lay,Chair of Staff Council and Secretary to the Dean of

     Engineering Technology and Management

Determine Structure and Policies

Hold Elections


U. StudentOrganizationsand StudentLife- Coordinator: Michael Sanseviro,KSU Dean of Students; USO Contact: Joyce Jones (Joyce.Jones@usg.edu)


71. Competition Teams (Non-Sports)

KSU Cochair-Ed Bonza,Associate Director, Student Life for Student Media

SPSU Cochair- Jeff Ray, Dean, Engineering Technology & Management

Consolidate and Integrate

72. ClubSports, Intramurals, andRecreationalSports

KSU Cochair-TaraParker, Director of Sports and Recreation

SPSU Cochair-Karl Staber, Director of Recreational Sports

Consolidateand Integrate

73. GreekLife

KSU Cochair-Jennifer Morales, Asst. Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life

SPSU Cochair-Anne Montgomery,Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Consolidate and Integrate

74. Preserving Traditions and History

KSU Cochair- Terri Arnold, Manager of Strategic Projects, External Affairs

SPSU Cochair-Mark Stevens, Associate Professor of English,Technical Communications,& MediaArts

Maintain,Consolidate,and Integrate

Identify and Promote Key Issues and Items in SPSU and KSU History

75. Registered Student Organizations

KSU Cochair- Kathy Alday, Directorof StudentLife

SPSU Cochair-Ron Lunk, Director of StudentLife

Determine Faculty Leadership of Student Organizations and Clubs

76. StudentGovernmentAssociation

KSU Cochair- Katherine Street, President, Student Government Association

SPSU Cochair-Austin Clayton, President, Student Government Association

Combine SGA and Other Student Activities

Revise SGA and Student Fee Committee Bylaws


V. StudentServices- Coordinator: Kasey Helton,SPSU Director of CampusServices; USO Contacts:  Joyce Jones (Joyce.Jones@usg.edu)


77. CareerServices

KSU Cochair- Karen Andrews, Director of Career Services

SPSU Cochair- Phyllis Weatherly, Director, Career & Counseling Center

Combine Career Services, including Interest Assessment and Placement

78. Counseling

KSU Cochair- Josh Gunn, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services

SPSU Cochair-Phyllis Weatherly, Director, Career & Counseling Center

Combine Counseling Centers

79. Disability Services and Testing

KSU Cochair- Nastassia Sanabria, Asst. Director of Disabled Student Support

SPSU Cochair-Katie Fahn, Coordinator of DisabilityServices

Combine Disability Services and Resources


80. Housing

KSU Cochair- Jeff Cooper, Director of  University Housing & Residence Life and President of the Administrators Senate

SPSU Cochair- Chris Bruno, Director of Housing and ResidenceLife

Address Housing Policies and Eligibility

Determine How Operation and Mgmt. of Housing Will Be Conducted

Determine Residency Requirements for Student Housing

Ramp Up Marketing Strategies for Housing

81. Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

KSU Cochair- Diane Walker, Director of Student Conduct/Academic Integrity

SPSU Cochair- Andrew Cosey, Coordinator for Student Conduct

Combine Student Disciplinary Report Databases

Revise Judiciary Processes



Board of Regents

BOR Approval for Consolidation Prior to Submission of Prospectus to SACS BOR Approval to Consolidate Post-Submission of Prospectus

Provide Letter on BOR Letterhead to New Institution to submit to SACS with Prospectus

Select University Name, Mascot,and Colors

Coordinate Communications on Final Name Changes

BOR and Using Agency are Additional Insured for All Consultants

ConsolidationImplementation Committee

Determine Campus-Wide Functional Units

Determine College Structure and AddressDepartmentLocations

Develop New Vision and Mission Statements

Dan Papp/LisaRossbacher

Consider Inter-Institutional Transfer of Personnel Prior to Merger

Remain Aware of and Track Conflicts of Interest

Review Capital Projects for Alignment with New Institution

Randy Stuart

Update Master Consolidation Tracker Document

Add Additional Responsibilities as Identifed by OWGs and Approved by Papp/Rossbacher to Tracker

Ed Rugg

Coordinate with SACS

Address SACS Requirements for Faculty Governance

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