Timeline Overview

(As of January 21, 2014)


Early January to late February: Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee meets to determine new university’s vision and mission statement, university organization structure, and college structure; recommendations submitted to BOR and/or to Chancellor Huckaby for approval at April 15-16 BOR meeting.

January 23-May 16: 81 Operational Working Groups formed and begin operating no later than January 30; most OWG plans and recommendations will be submitted to Consolidation Implementation Committee via Area Coordinators by May 16 and approved by CIC by May 30.

February 14-May 30: SACSCOC Prospectus Development Team begins work on prospectus for submission to SACSCOC based on materials from OWGs approved by CIC and/or BOR.

May 16-August 14: SACSCOC Prospectus Development Team develops draft prospectus while CIC reviews and approves remaining OWG submissions.

August 14-September 12: CIC and OWGs review prospectus and submit suggestions for revisions.

Sept. 12-Sept. 30: SACSCOC Prospectus Development Team finalizes prospectus.

October 1: Prospectus submitted to SACSCOC

October 1-December 6: SACSCOC reviews prospectus.

December 6-9: SACSCOC approves prospectus at annual meeting.


January 2015: USG BOR gives final approval to consolidation

January-July 2015: Final consolidation elements put in place

Fall Semester 2015: Full consolidation in place.