November 8, 2013: University System of Georgia Principles of Consolidation

November 8, 2013

The six principles that will be utilized in assessing potential consolidations are:

  • Increase opportunities to raise education attainment levels. Enhancing opportunities for students to raise their education attainment levels will be a goal.
  • Improve accessibility, regional identity, and compatibility. Geographic proximity, transportation corridors, student backgrounds, ensuring as much as possible a cultural fit, and other factors which strengthen the qualitative aspects of campus offerings will be considered.
  • Avoid duplication of academic programs while optimizing access to instruction. Consideration will be given to demand for degrees, program overlaps and duplications, and optimal institutional enrollment characteristics sufficient to offer and support the needed array of services.
  • Create significant potential for economies of scale and scope. Consideration will be given to the potential for achieving cost efficiency in service delivery, degree offerings, and enrollment.
  • Enhance regional economic development. Consideration will be given to consolidations with the potential to improve economic development through enhanced degree programs, community partnerships, and improved student completion.
  • Streamline administrative services while maintaining or improving service level and quality. Potential for administrative efficiencies and savings which yield more effective service will be considered. In addition, functional consolidations on a regional basis will be analyzed.
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