If you wish to assist in the consolidation process of Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University, please volunteer to join one or more of the 81 Operational Working Groups (OWGs) listed below.

The OWGs are where much of the work of planning and implementing the consolidation will take place.  The responsibilities of the OWGs are to develop plans and recommendations regarding consolidation for consideration by the Consolidation Implementation Committee and the Board of Regents.

Each OWG will be chaired by two co-chairs, one from KSU and one from SPSU.  The co-chairs will select the membership of their respective OWGs.  The work of most of the OWGs is expected to be completed by May 16, 2014.

The OWGs are in turn grouped into 22 areas, each of which will be headed by an Area Coordinator, whose responsibility will be to coordinate the work of the OWGs within each area to assure consistency and reduce the possibility of conflicting plans and recommendations.

  •   Overall Structure
      College Structure
      Vision and Mission
  •   Business
      Computing and Software Engineering
      Humanities and Social Sciences
      Inventory of Programs, Authorized Degree, Delivery Modes, Assessment etc.
      General Education and Core Curriculum
  •   Advising, Mentoring, and Tutoring
      Continuing Education
      First Year Programs
      Honors Programs
      International Programs
      Retention, Progression, and Graduation/Complete College Georgia/Orientation
      Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness
  •   Faculty Credentials, Rosters, Workloads, Pay
      Faculty Honors and Awards
      Promotion and Tenure
      Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity, Grants, and Sponsored Operations
      Technology Enhanced Education and Testing Center
  •   Undergraduate Admissions, Transfer, and Transient Policies
      Graduate Admissions
      Financial Aid
      Calendar and Schedule
      Preparation of Merged Catalogues
  •   Alumni Affairs
      Advancement Services, including Donor Relations
  •   Sports, Scheduling, and Scholarships
  •   Programs and Activities
  •   Government and Community Relations
      Community Engagement
      Economic Development
  •   Marketing
      Media Relations
      Publications and Collaterals
      Social Media
      University Website
  •   Research and Service Foundations Operations and Integration
  •   University Foundations Operations and Integration
  •   Division of Responsibilities
      University Policy Mergers and Handbooks
      Faculty Policy Mergers and Handbooks
      Student Policy Mergers and Handbooks
  •   General Auxiliary Services
  •   Budget and Fiscal Affairs
      Business Operations and Contracts
      Tuition and Fees
  •   Campus Master Planning
      Physical Plant
  •   HR, including Position Descriptions and Salary Bands
  •   IT: Back-End Systems (Networking, Wireless, Telecom, Hardware, Servers, etc.)
      IT: Business Services (Financial and Personnel Systems)
      IT: General Support (Website, Drupal, File Services, Training, Service Desk, etc.)
      IT: Research Computing
      IT: Student/Faculty Services (Authentication, E-Mail, Banner, D2L, AV, etc.)
  •   Public Safety and Security
      Emergency Planning and Communication
      Risk Management, Audits, and Occupational Safety/Compliance
  •   Administrators Governance
      Faculty Governance
      Staff Governance
  •   Competition Teams (Non-Sports)
      Club Sports and Intramurals
      Greek Life
      Preserving Traditions and History
      Registered Student Organizations
      Student Government Association
  •   Career Services
      Disability Services and Testing
      Student Conduct and Academic Integrity